About the Author

Old Man Z’s passion for writing began in his early years of elementary school, and continues to this day within his lifelong career as a professional Martial Arts Instructor.  From Mission Statements, to Instructor Creeds, to a wide variety of creatively written operational manuals and promotional presentations, Old Man Z’s poetic style of writing has been celebrated as fun and entertaining to read, infused with life lessons and wisdom intentionally written with a positive vibe.  Old Man Z has shared that his ultimate goal in life is to inspire and help people of all ages to realize their personal best, so they too can pay their good fortune forward with others in an effort to help tame the crazy spin of our world creating more happily ever after experiences for us all.

Old Man Z books were initially written as a way for Old Man Z to share forward his advice, life lessons and experiences with his children, grandchildren, and future generations.  The theme of sharing this wisdom through “Philosophical Rhymes” was inspired by decades of teaching and training students in the Martial Arts, highlighting how closely related the principles and strategies of Self Defense are to the principles and strategies of living a safe, happy, and healthy life.  The Martial Arts has proven to enhance the lives of its practitioners for thousands of years, and Old Man Z believes those philosophic benefits should be shared forward with as many people as humanly possible, regardless of their ability to kick and punch.  

Old Man Z’s delivery of these “age-related” Philosophical Rhymes in short bursts of reading fun will keep readers engaged and cheerfully enlightened with each turn of the page.